Scrum – 2 certifications Scrum Master and Product Owner

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This course is dedicated to the study of the Scrum framework and the roles of Scrum Master and Product Owner in particular.

This package of Scrum Master and Product Owner courses gives a broad and detailed view of the framework management and implementation aspects of an agile project.

The first day is devoted to the functioning and structure of the Scrum framework, enabling the roles of Scrum Master and Product Owner to be explored in greater depth over the remaining two days.

The condensed format of this course will enable you to prepare optimally for both certifications.


Réf SGSC03
Durée 3 jours
Prix 2'550.00 CHF TTC


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Advantages and objectives

This training will meet the following objectives:

  • Understanding how Scrum works
  • Understanding why Scrum works
  • Acquire the skills to use Scrum
  • Understand how to maximize the productivity (ROI) of systems and products and improve lifecycle costs (TCO)
  • Understand the meaning of agile product ownership, which requires more than knowing how to write a user story or manage a product backlog.
  • Develop and consolidate understanding of the elements that drive productivity creation, from initial stakeholder management through to planning and delivery.


The group exercises proposed in the course will enable you to acquire the skills you need and prepare you for the challenges that await you in your professional field.

This will enable you to :

  • initialize your first Scrum project
  • improve the results of an existing Scrum project
  • identify whether Scrum is right for your company
Target audience

This training course is designed for people who are responsible for software development or who want to bring about positive organizational change; people who play a supporting role in increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of software development teams.

It is recognized in continuing education for the various certification organizations:
– 21 PMI® PDUs, see “How to report PDUs”.
– 21 IIBA® CDU
– 21 SDU by ScrumAlliance®

  • Experience in project management or IT: an asset
  • No prior knowledge of Scrum is required. However, we recommend that you download and read the Scrum Guide to prepare effectively for the exam.
Included in the course

– French/English course material
– Scrum Guide
– Vouchers for’s Professional Scrum Master TM level I (PSM I) and Professional ProductOwnerTM level I (PSPOI ) tests

Course content

What is Scrum and how was it developed?

Why does Scrum work and what are its principles? How do they differ from traditional approaches, and what do they look like?

How can you use Scrum theory in practice while employing timeboxes, roles, rules and artifacts? How can it be used most effectively? When doesn’t it work?

Scrum is different. What impact does this difference have on a project and an organization? How best to introduce Scrum in terms of expected changes?

A system not only needs to be developed, it also needs to be introduced, maintained and improved. How do you measure and optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?

How do you set up teams? What team dynamics need to be taken into account? What are the effects on productivity?

  • Project planning with costs and schedule
  • Predictability, Risk Management and Reporting
  • How can you forecast, control risk and measure progress with Scrum, despite its empirical nature?

Scrum works very well with a single team. It also works for projects or products involving hundreds or even thousands of employees worldwide. What’s the best way to scale Scrum?


After attending the course, you can take the tests for :

  • obtaining the “Scrum Product Owner Professional” certificate.
  • obtaining the “Professional Scrum Master” certificate.

The cost of certification is included in the course price.

These are two online multiple-choice tests, each with 80 questions to be answered in 60 minutes. You can do it online, at the time and place of your choice. You’ll receive your certificates if you score 85% or more.

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