Management 3.0 Workout – Practical management techniques

This workshop is an application of the practices covered in the Management 3.0 course – Agile Leadership practices. It is based on the new Management 3.0 Workout book , which draws on insights from over 50 books and feedback from over 30 companies.


Réf SGM310
Durée 1 jour
Prix 750.00 CHF TTC


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Advantages and objectives

This one-day “Management Workout” workshop explores Management 3.0 themes in greater depth, and provides a unique opportunity to put into practice new exercises and games that you can apply in your own organizations.

Course content

In groups of 4 to 6, you’ll practice games and exercises, experimenting with new tools. Discussions will focus on management issues, with an emphasis on storytelling.

  • You will use Delegation Boards to clearly communicate in which areas decisions are delegated to participants and with what autonomy.
  • You’ll follow the Champfrogs Checklist for intrinsic motivation and assess how it applies to organizational change.
  • You will practice creating Personal Maps and have Improvement Dialogues that refer directly to the participants and the workshop.
  • You will have the opportunity to discuss Salary Formulas as a means of establishing transparency and fairness within organizations.
  • A Kudo Box will allow you to express your appreciation to the people contributing to the workshop.
  • A Celebration Grid will help you evaluate your experiences
  • You will discuss and explore a Metrics Ecosystem and Problem Time, to understand the notions of performance and progress.
  • You can publicly recognize all workshop contributors with Project Credits and evaluate a product or service with a Feedback Wrap.

Within certain limits, we’ll be able to play Moving Motivators and Delegation Poker.

Target audience

The course is aimed at people in management positions – project, team, departmental or corporate – who want to respond to complex business problems in an agile way.

Participants come from a wide range of backgrounds: development team leaders, Scrum Masters, development directors, middle management project managers, directors of companies undergoing transformation, as well as analysts, developers and testers who want to make a greater contribution to the overall effort.

Included in the course
  • Training aids
  • Notepad and pen
Notre formateur

Oliver Wagner, Management 3.0 facilitator and co-owner of Management 3.0, has many years’ experience in product development, project management and team management, both in “classic” and agile approaches, in Switzerland and abroad. He has set up several companies. He animates his course in an interactive way and encourages exchanges between participants. Putting the concepts into practice through exercises and games opens the way for discussion of deeper values.

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