User Stories – A technique for expressing needs

This workshop teaches you how to write and manage user stories. Starting with the idea of a product, we’ll go through its entire creation cycle using the user-stories technique.


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Durée 1 jour
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Advantages and objectives

  • Know the values and principles of agility
  • Acquire the skills needed to write effective user stories
  • How to develop a product, from vision to realization
Target audience

People responsible for specifying a product and optimizing its value:
– business analysts active in an agile project,
– product managers responsible for the design, supply and use of a product by the customer,
– developers who work with users to express their needs.


No prerequisites are required for this course. However, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of business analysis and requirements expression. What’s more, knowledge of a framework (e.g. the Scrum framework) makes it easier to understand, and as preparation, you can download the Scrum Guide.

Included in the course

French/English course material

Course content

The agile manifesto and its principles guide us in our project activities. This chapter translates these values into usable practices.

User Stories are used in most agile projects. We’ll take a look at why they’re there and how they usually look.

Most of the workshop is devoted to this chapter, which answers the following questions: How do you break down stories? how to visualize workflows? how to manage development tactically? how to optimize for value?

User stories are integrated into overall product management. Here, we’ll look at techniques that are effective for managing the requirements list or Product Backlog in the context of Scrum.

The group exercises proposed in the course will help you to understand and quickly face the challenge that awaits you when you return to your workplace.

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