UML – Dynamic modeling of information systems

This course gives you the knowledge you need to understand the different UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagrams and analyze their content.


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Object-oriented modeling is a tried and tested method. In this field, the standard modeling name UML (“Unified Modeling Language”) has come to the fore. UML models are a means of communication between developers and all those involved in a project. That’s why it’s so important for project managers, users, business analysts and quality managers to understand this rating.

Avantages et Objectifs

  • Familiarity with UML elements and diagrams
  • Be able to use them in your projects
  • Understanding and evaluating UML system models
Target audience
This course is aimed at anyone wishing to implement and understand UML models: business analysts, IT architects, IT developers and testers.

Some knowledge of computer science, development or modeling.

Course content

Through detailed examples, you’ll learn how to read and connect these diagrams. The course focuses on communication. It doesn’t go into all the semantic detail that modeling for application generation would require.
  1. Introduction
    • Object orientation (OO)
    • History
    • Analysis and design
  2. Use Case Diagrams
  3. Static structure diagrams
    • Class diagram, stereotypes
    • Class diagram, relationships
    • Active objects
    • Packages
  4. Dynamic Diagrams
    • Statechart diagram
    • Sequence diagram
    • Collaboration diagram
    • Activity diagram
  5. Other diagrams
    • Component diagram
    • Deployment diagram
  6. Supplements
    • Useful non-standard diagrams
    • Presentation of modeling tools

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