Management 3.0 – What were versions 1 and 2?

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Traditional management – an outdated model in 2022? Discover the answers to this question and practical, immediately applicable methods for even more effective management work in the Management 3.0 Foundation workshop.

In our day-to-day work, we observe that in many companies, management still operates in a “mechanical” way. We call this management 1.0. In this type of management, executives assume that the smooth running of the company requires the division of tasks into specialized functions, monitoring and control, and the replacement of production resources. Management systems based on top-down planning of command and control structures were developed decades ago by engineers. These systems work for predictable, repetitive tasks, but don’t work in a dynamic, complex environment. This type of organization is incapable of developing creativity, innovation and the ability to solve new problems.

Don’t leave management (only) to managers

In Management 2.0 organizations, employees are recognized as the most important asset. Servant Leaders are at the center. At the same time, organizations still cling to hierarchies and methods that cut costs and use resources more efficiently. Still too little attention is paid to the potential of employees, and methods continue to be aligned with the assumption that organizations must be driven from the top down. Management by objectives is an excellent approach, but is often poorly implemented, creating competition instead of cooperation.

Managing systems, not people – the Management 3.0 principle

Management 3.0 is based on the principle that an organization’s performance results from the system as a whole, and only from the individual. Management 3.0 analyzes how to find the right solutions to run organizations effectively. The role of management is to help employees gain autonomy and give meaning to their work, because management is far too important to be left to managers alone. With a sense of responsibility, employees get involved where their strengths and passions lie, and contribute to the company’s success. This success has encouraged them to become even more committed.

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