Organizing and structuring information with Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping helps you to represent relationships visually, and to better structure and present your concepts and ideas. It’s also known as a carte heuristique, carte cognitive, carte mentale or carte des idées. It’s a diagram that’s supposed to reflect the way our thoughts work, providing a visual representation of our associative thought processes.


Durée ½ jour
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Advantages and objectives

In this course, you’ll learn effective organization and communication techniques. Indeed, communication is a key element of success in both our professional and private lives.

Effective communication within projects, in problem-solving and in event organization, leads to productivity gains.

Course content

Defining Mind Maps

  • The two hemispheres of the human brain
  • Mind Map benefits
  • Differences from conventional methodology
  • Brainstorming session with words and images
  • From brainstorming to MindMap

Rules and recommendations

  • The most important basic principles
  • Organization
  • Techniques

Fields of application

  • Mind Map as a creativity technique
  • Mind Map as a planning and organization tool
  • Mind Map for easy communication of complex themes
  • Mind Map in facilitation and collaboration


  • Fields of application
  • Group MindMaps
  • Procedures and compliance
  • Electronic tools
Target audience

The course is aimed at anyone looking for a new way of organizing and presenting subjects in their work or private life.

For Business Analysis, the Mind Mapping technique is an indispensable communication tool, and in Project Management it enables you to quickly create an overview and present details at the same time.


No prerequisites for this course

Included in the course
  • Drawing materials
  • Course material

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